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The origin of the universe is often a hotly debated topic. There is no question that the issue is important, but is also important to understand that reasonable, intelligent, people can have different opinions on this topic. Not only that, but faithful Christian people, since the very beginning of the church, have held different views about this issue. So, as difficult as it may seem - we should probably all be careful to respect each other as we learn about this important subject.

In this video Gavin Ortlund shares three concerns about the film, "Is Genesis History?" and its case for young-earth creationism.

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Gavin Ortlund (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai. 

Origins Debate: Creationism or Theistic Evolution?

Did God use evolution? What is the best evidence for intelligent design? How old is the earth? Sean McDowell moderates a discussion among prominent scientists Dr. Fuz Rana (Reasons to Believe), Dr. Kathryn Applegate (BioLogos), and Dr. Randy Guliuzza (ICR). 

Many people in our time perceive a conflict between the Biblical account of creation in Genesis 1-2 and the modern scientific account of creation through evolution. This begs the question: does one have to reject the theory of evolution--and perhaps the findings of modern science more broadly--in order to affirm the Christian faith? Or conversely, does one have to reject the Christian faith in order to affirm evolution and modern science? Join us as Old Testament scholar Dr. John Walton discusses how he reads Genesis 1-2, and what relationship these ancient texts might have to modern science.

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At about 43:00 this talk goes off on the issue of Old vs. Young Earth. R.C. Sproul Sr., Steven Myer, Tackett, Horton and R.C. Sproul Jr. all sound off. R.C. Sproul Sr. says he doesn't know the age of the earth. R.C. Jr. says he is a young earth guy, and Michael Horton and Steven Meyer are old earth guys.

@43 R.C. Sproul Sr. says he doesn't know the age of the earth, and he justifies why he isn't sure.

@1:09 Michael Horton says he is an old earth guy for exegetical reasons.

@1:12 R.C. Sproul Jr. says he is a new earth guy