How Do I Know I'm Saved?

Any thinking person immediately realizes that the question of whether or not one is truly saved must be one of the most important questions anyone can ask. Many in todays culture are quick to answer. Here you will find answers from some of history's greatest theologians, as well as some contemporary theologians. You may be surprised at what they have to say.

  • 00:00. Devils know more about God than people who believe in God, and they tremble with fear.

  • 00:30. While devils know about God, they can't know what God is like.

  • 02:15. Myriads of protestants and Catholics are constantly saying on Sundays, "I believe". Who know nothing whatever of believing.

  • 02:36. Belief of this kind is utterly useless. It can neither satisfy, nor sanctify, nor save.

John Piper Describes The Heart of The Christian

@ 00:09 There are millions of nominal Christians who are not born again and who believe that God loves them, and that are on their way to hell. And the difference between them and a born again believer is what is at the bottom of what makes them happy... Millions of nominal Christians have never experienced a fundamental change in the foundation of their happiness... They absorb the notion that becoming a Christian means turning to Jesus to get what you always wanted before you were born again. No change in what you want. No change in the bottom - the foundation - of what thrills you. Just get it from a new place... And they think they are Christians. And they feel really loved because he's producing. "My life is going better". They want a happy marriage, so they turn to him to get it. They want peace of conscience, so they turn to him to get it. They want freedom from guilt feelings, so they turn to him to get it. They want escape from hell, so they turn to him to get it. And every unregenerate person on the planet wants those things. You don't have to be born again to want out of hell... So what's new ... got a different servant to give me what I want. I'm concerned about those people.