Providence & Sovereignty

There is no way that one can say enough about this doctrine. There is enough here for the serous student to ponder for a lifetime. And if you are not blown away by the glory of God as you study this doctrine - you just aren't doing it right.

But caution should be taken here - Extreme Humility should be put on anytime and every time this subject is considered. Criticisms of other believers is a frequent bi-product of this study, when undertaken without the necessary and appropriate Extreme Humility.

Finally, a typical reaction of anyone who begins to study this doctrine is to interpret the doctrine to, in one way or another, overthrow every other doctrine. This initial reaction may be unavoidable, but if you see it coming it may help to comfort you while the rest of the doctrines slowly and thoughtfully fall back into place.

All Christians Believe in Predestination: The Classic Collection with R.C. Sprouls

The Bible clearly teaches that only the grace of God can save us from spiritual death. But why did God choose to save some and not others? Isn’t that unfair? In this message, Dr. Sproul looks at some of the misconceptions and caricatures of the doctrine of predestination. He explains why Christians should not only embrace this doctrine but rejoice in it.

This is the 8th in a series of messages by Dr. Sproul. See other videos in the series:

@ 27:49 "Before I disagree theologically with a point that Aquinas, Augustine, Calvin, Luther and Edwards all agree on, I'm going to do it in fear and trembling, and I'm going to do my homework beforehand."